Theatres with communities in 2021

This webinar will explore the extraordinary ways some of the UK's leading venues have rooted their local community at the centre of their work during the pandemic. 

During the pandemic some theatres have deepened and enriched their relationship with their local community, and some in extraordinary ways. By serving their communities in 2020, what will this mean for their programmes and buildings in 2021 and beyond? Has anything changed forever for these venues?

This webinar will look at the approach taken by five of the UK's leading venues that have put their local community at the centre of their work. This is part of a wider shift happening in theatres across the UK; from a model of cultural provision in which the focus is providing access to the theatre and its programmed activities, to one in which theatres include their communities more profoundly by co-creating activity programmes.

Contributors for this session will include leaders from the theatres along with members of their wider community with representatives and participants from:

  • Derby Theatre
  • HOME, Slough
  • Slung Low and Holbeck
  • Theatr Clwyd
  • The Old Courts

There will be the opportunity to ask questions to all the contributors in a conversation about the way theatres and communities can work together in the future.

This seminar programme is supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Garfield Weston