Theatres as businesses in 2021

This webinar will explore and offer advice on the key learnings for running a theatre post-pandemic.

The global pandemic has thrown multiple challenges at the business of operating a theatre. There are a range of issues which we need to think differently about because of what we have learnt over the last year. This webinar will explore three key issues for theatres as businesses in and beyond 2021, offering practical advice and experience for theatres to consider and act upon: 

  • what have we learnt about the role of digital theatre during the pandemic, and what does the future look like for digital theatres? 
  • what has the pandemic shown us in terms of the kinds of contracts we currently use for performance, now that freelancers and theatres have experienced the negative impacts of the pandemic? and what are the ethics of contracting for performance in 2021 and beyond?
  • how do theatres create an environment which supports mental health following the pandemic; from staff who have been furloughed to freelancers who have left with little or no income, how do theatres promote and support mental health in 2021 and beyond?

Contributors will be confirmed shortly.

This seminar programme is supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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