Globe Theatre Stockton-on-Tees wins planning permission

Theatres Trust welcomes Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council's decision to grant permission for the reuse, restoration and refurbishment of Stockton’s Grade II listed The Globe Theatre which will reopen as a multi-purpose live performance and entertainment venue.

Application Numbers 17/0755/LBC and 17/0754/COU

The Globe opened in 1935 and had full stage facilities with dressing rooms to support both live theatre and cinema. It is one of the few remaining complete ‘super cinemas’ in the UK, the majority of other examples having been subdivided and/ or extensively modernised.

While the theatre has deteriorated due to lack of use, there have not been many significant changes or alterations since it was built in 1935. A ‘light touch’ treatment is therefore proposed within the auditorium in terms of the stabilisation and restoration of the auditorium and plasterwork, with interventions mainly being made to meet building access and safety standards, to provide extra WCs, and to flatten the stalls floor to make it suitable for both seated and standing events to maximise its use.

The adjoining building at 153 High Street will be incorporated into the theatre to provide expanded bar facilities, offices, lift access to the stalls and upper levels of the auditorium, and much needed additional circulation space. The back of house/ dressing room wing will be rebuilt to provide modern and additional support spaces to help attract artists and performers to the venue.

The restoration and refurbishment will bring it back into use as a sustainable and viable cultural venue.

The Globe 

Image: Sansome Hall Architects, Stockton Globe