#InspiringFutureTheatre by the Theatres Trust

In support of the UK Theatre and SOLT initiative Inspiring the Future of Theatre, some of our staff discuss why they work in theatre, and why they love working to protect theatres across the UK.

There are so many jobs in theatre beyond what you see on stage, so there's a job to suit pretty much every interest and skill whether it's making sets, costumes or props, operating technical equipment, working with communities to create theatre, promoting the theatre to the public, managing a team in a theatre building or touring theatre company, looking after the money and many other jobs besides. 

All of these roles have one goal; to support artists and communities to come together to make and enjoy great live performance.

If you are thinking of a career in architecture, design, history or planning, the theatre industry could still be for you! 

Find out more from our Director Jon Morgan, two of our Advisers Claire Appleby and Tom Stickland.

Jon Morgan Theatres Trust Director

Why theatre? Great theatre is about telling stories, imagining other worlds and other people's lives which enables me to look beyond myself and my everyday experience. And it's live and in the moment - there's no post production or editing. It's happening in front of me right now and the performance I see tonight will be unique and different to the performance you might see tomorrow.  I love it.

At the Theatres Trust I enjoy working with a great team of people who have expertise in the planning, design and running of theatre buildings. Without looking after these unique buildings we would not be able to create and enjoy all the wonderful theatre that happens every night across the UK.  

Claire Appleby Architecture Adviser

Why theatre? Going to the theatre as a child, the excitement and anticipation on entering the building through to the thrill and spectacle of the show itself. I have always had an ambition to be involved in theatre and theatre buildings in some way.

As an architect having worked on theatre projects before I joined the Trust, there is an additional buzz (to working on a theatre project) and that is the people - the creativity, energy and passion that they bring to their work and the way that they reach out to their communities. So for me it’s about being able to help support them through their buildings.

At the Theatres Trust I enjoy visiting different theatres throughout the country from historic proscenium houses to new-build adaptable venues, and meeting the people who champion them. We have an amazing and rich cultural heritage and a wealth of theatre makers and new theatre buildings to continue this into the future. It’s fantastic to be able to play a part in that.

Tom Stickland Theatres Adviser

Why theatre? I can vividly remember my first visit to the theatre and the way I have felt since seeing spectacular performances. Opening the imagination of as many people as possible to these experiences and ideas is why I have devoted myself to a life in theatre.

At the Theatres Trust I enjoy finding out about the variety of theatres across the country and the people who run them - it is fascinating. I never know at the start of a week what I will be researching and offering advice to so it is a constant learning experience.