Cultural Infrastructure Plan

Theatres Trust is pleased to have supported GLA in the development of the Cultural Infrastructure Plan and will be continuing to work with them to deliver the actions it outlines.

We support the demand for both increased capital investment and the strategic use of planning and placemaking to ensure all Londoners can access and take part in the city’s rich cultural offer.

London has a unique ecology of theatres large and small. While the West End is calling out for new spaces, London’s smallest theatres are in a more perilous position with the threat of redevelopment or eviction. We hope the Cultural Infrastructure plan will empower local authorities, and their planning departments, to give priority to cultural projects that give Londoners the ability to create and enjoy great theatre.

At the Theatres Trust, we believe that the planning system is a critical tool to support culture and we use our role within it to protect theatres at risk as well as ensure proposed and altered theatre spaces are fit for purpose. That is why we have objected to the potential loss of the former Saville Theatre in Camden (currently ODEON Covent Garden) which has real potential to return to live performance use, helping meet the demand for West End theatre spaces.

Identifying the challenging position that smaller theatres are in, we have expanded the criteria for our London Small Theatres Grants Scheme to allow more pub theatres and entrepreneurial small theatres to apply for urgent repairs and improvements to their space. Visiting the theatre is not just about the West End and we think it is important that people have access to exciting theatre all over London.

Read the Cultural Infrastructure Plan.