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Brick Lane Music Hall

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  • Dates of use
    • 2004: continuing
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  • Current use
  • Address
    St Mark's Church, 443 North Woolwich Road, Silvertown, Newham, London, E16 2DA, England
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The Brick Lane Music Hall company has emigrated at least twice since being founded in 1992 in Spitalfields, but has retained its original name. It has found its current home in the redundant St Mark's Church in Silvertown. The church is a huge, almost overpowering, 'rogue gothic' edifice, stranded in an area whose population has dwindled to almost nothing with bombing and the closing of the Royal Docks and most local industries. A demanding building and demanding area in which to build an audience, it should be noted that this is, at present, the only dedicated music hall in the country.

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  • Events
    • 1861 - 1862 Design/Construction: built as a church.
      • S S Teulon - Architect
    • 2004 Use: continuing
    • 2004 Alteration: conversion to theatre use (architect unknown).
  • Listings
    • Grade II - 17.12.1971, 4.3.1985

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