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Ramshorn Theatre

  • Theatre ID
  • Built / Converted
  • Dates of use
    • 1990: continuing
  • Current state
  • Current use
    Dark (closed July 2011 as university drama theatre)
  • Address
    University of Strathclyde Drama Centre, 98 Ingram Street, Glasgow, Strathclyde, G1 1EX, Scotland


The Ramshorn Theatre belongs to the University of Strathclyde and is the conversion of an eighteenth century church for theatre use. This conversion inserted a studio space into the body of the church at the north end leaving a U-shaped foyer on the three other axes thus fragmenting the spatiality of the area. The studio contains six rows of seating on lightweight rostra with a steep rake to compensate for the flat performing area which is 10.5m wide and 5.5m deep. However, because there is no crossover the depth may diminish to less than 5m. The walls of the theatre space are of lightweight construction without acoustic separation. This significantly reduces the use of the foyer during rehearsal or playing time. Furthermore there is no mains water available at this level so it is not possible to have a permanent bar licence. Plans were being developed to bring about substantial alterations to the building, including the opening and development of the attractive vaulted crypt. However a new cultural strategy proposed by the owners led to the closure of the Ramshorn in July 2011.

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  • Events
    • 1824 Owner/Management: Church of Scotland, owners
    • 1826 Design/Construction: as Ramshorn Kirk
      • Thomas Rickman with James Clelland - Architect
    • 1982 Owner/Management: University of Strathclyde, owners
    • 1990 Use: continuing
    • 1990 Alteration: conversion to theatre
      • PagePark - Architect
  • Capacities
    • Current: 80
  • Listings
    • Grade A

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