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Cripplegate Theatre

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  • Dates of use
    • 1897: until post-1945.
  • Current state
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  • Address
    Cripplegate Institute, 1 Golden Lane, City of London, London, EC1, England


The Cripplegate Institute opened in November 1896. It was built for an ancient charity, the Cripplegate Foundation, created 'for the benefit of the poor of Cripplegate Parish'. The large hall of the Institute was licensed for stage plays from 1897, providing a theatre for mainly amateur dramatic and operatic societies. The theatre was rebuilt in 1932, reopening on 29 September in that year. Fairly plain, simply panelled treatment of auditorium; proscenium in coved frame; shallow orchestra pit; single balcony with slightly curved front, spanning from side to side. By 1987 the Institute had vacated their 1896 building and it was reconstructed as offices, destroying most of the old interiors. The much altered exterior can still be seen.

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  • Events
    • 1896 Design/Construction:
      • Sidney R J Smith - Architect
    • 1897 Use: until post-1945.
    • 1932 Alteration: theatre rebuilt within the Institute buildings.
      • Lt Col Frederick S Hammond - Architect
    • 1987 Demolition: Institute reconstructed as commercial offices in 1992.
      • Ergon Design Group - Architect
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