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Façade of the Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 1995

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    Façade of the Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 1995
  • Description
    Colour photograph showing the façade of the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. It is an Edwardian, red brick, former school building that houses an Arts Centre of which the theatre is only a part. It has two storeys with tall windows on each, and a black sign above the main entrance bearing the word ‘chapter’ in large lettering. ‘Cinema Theatre Gallery’ appears in smaller lettering above and to the left, and again in welsh (‘Sinema Theatr Oriel’) below and to the right.
  • Depicted theatre
    Chapter Arts Centre
  • Depiction date
    20th September 1995
  • Copyright holder
    Theatres Trust
  • Creator
    Mr Terence Rees

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