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Theatres are one of the few buildings left in communities where people can come together whatever their age, ethnicity or class. A place where relationships are built, where people can connect, understand what it means to be human and so it improves society for everyone.

Supporting the Theatres Trust means you are helping us to make sure the theatres are there for this to happen.

The Theatres Trust is a small charity with a national reach and punches well above its weight. However, we know there is more vital work to be done and we must respond to this demand:

Your support will enable us to:

  • Strengthen and develop our work with the theatres on our Theatres At Risk register before these extraordinary buildings and all they do for their communities are lost.
  • Respond to the demand of our oversubscribed grants programmes and increase this vital fund for UK theatres’ capital works and urgent repairs.
  • Build our research and unique archive programme so we can both respond to current trends within the theatre industry and make our collections and knowledge available and more valuable for public use.

There are many ways you can help support our valuable work protecting theatres for future generations.

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