Theatre exhibitions this summer

Here's some exhibitions and events celebrating the diversity and history of theatre around the country this summer.

Staging Places, in collaboration with the Society of British Theatre Designers, explores the diversity of and reveals the creative process behind British performance design.

Victoria & Albert Museum. 23 July - 5 January

Stockton Globe Encore: The Past, The People, The Place explores the story of the Stockton Globe, formerly on the Theatres at Risk list, the famous acts that played there, and discover the exciting future for the newly restored theatre.

Preston Park Museum: 23 July - 6 October

Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! Music Hall in Islington explores music hall and variety entertainment throughout a time when Islington was London’s undisputed ‘Parish of Pleasure’.

Islington Museum. 25 July - 22 October

You may also be interested in what theatres near you are putting on events for Heritage Open Days 2019, from 13-22 September.

Photo: Tour round Wilton's Music Hall by David San Milan Del Rio.