Autumn 2019 Theatres Magazine

Discover the stories we're featuring in the Autumn 2019 edition of Theatres Magazine:

  • Artistic Director David Lan and architect Steve Tompkins reflect on the themes of Centre Stage, this years' conference
  • historian Alistair Fair looks at the origins and ambitions of Leatherhead Theatre 
  • Page \ Park Architects discuss recent work at Leeds Playhouse in our Showcase
  • find out more about our GDS FoH Scheme to help one theatre with front of house lighting 
  • we talk about how we’ve helped several theatres with their seating in cost-effective, environmentally friendly ways
  • the Antepavilion-winning pop-up Potemkin Theatre architects, Maich Swift, talk design considerations
  • and we round up a bumper crop of recent London Small Theatres grants scheme awards

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