Free online events programme

We are running a series of free webinars aimed at helping theatres deal with emerging challenges of change, reopening and survival.

Through this programme we will consider the impact closure has had on theatre organisations and the people that run them, and share experience and knowledge from the whole theatre industry. The first three topics are:

Reopening stories – Wednesday 21 October at 1pm
This seminar will explore some of the key issues about re-opening venues; from ventillation to social distancing; including the opportunity to hear from people whose venues are up and running; and for you to have the opportunity to ask about the challenges you are facing.

Insurance issues – Wednesday 11 November at 1pm
Following a High Court ruling regarding business interruption insurance for nighttime industries there may be good news for some policyholders. This session will be an opportunity to learn more about the outcome of the court ruling, what this means for different types of policy holders and to connect you with others in the sector who may also be proceeding with a business interruption claim. The seminar will also look at future insurance policy in relation to Covid and potential future pandemics.

Managing financial distress – Wednesday 18 November at 1pm (rescheduled from 4 November)
This presentation will explore the role of trustees and leaders whose organisations may face financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. If your venue is in financial distress and you want to explore your options, then this session could be for you. Your attendance at this event will not be visible to other participants unless you ask a question, so you can attend anonymously.

We will be adding to this programme over the coming weeks, but if you have any suggestions for other topics please contact us via

This seminar programme is supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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