Response to latest Covid advice in Scotland and Wales

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford have announced new regulations to protect against rising Covid numbers.

While theatre is not affected directly by any of the new regulations, the advice to reduce social contact will have a negative impact on theatres.

Theatres Trust Director Jon Morgan responds:

Theatres already have a range of safety measures in place to keep audiences, staff and performers safe, but as Covid cases rapidly rise Theatres Trust understand why both the Scottish and Welsh Governments have advised to limit social gatherings. While the regulations do not directly affect theatres, there has already been an impact on ticket sales and theatres are finding themselves in a precarious position. Like the hospitality sector, the theatre sector will need additional economic support to help it survive this latest challenge.

Update: An additional £20m Emergency Support Fund for the arts in Scotland and a Winter Stability Fund for Wales have been announced. Full details of both schemes have yet to be confirmed but we will update when we know more.