Summer 2019 Theatres Magazine

Discover the theatre stories we're featuring in the Summer 2019 edition of Theatres Magazine:

  • The showcase feature is the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne, which has recently reopened following a major refurbishment project.
  • Nesta explains how social impact investment can help theatres with transformative capital projects.
  • There is a round-up of the recipients of the latest UK and London grants and the Wolfson Foundation Theatre Improvement Scheme.
  • Theatres Trust Ambassador Siobhan Redmond describes the vital relationship between space, actor and audience, and the theatres close to her heart.
  • We talk to the theatre operators who’ve made their homes in empty retail units.
  • Charcoalblue summarises recent roundtable discussions on designing for artist use. 
  • and finally, we round-up the higher education institutions updating or rebuilding their facilities.

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