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New Trustees appointed to Theatres Trust

23rd May 2014

The Theatres Trust is pleased to announce that the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has appointed 6 new board members and reappointed 5 board members to The Theatres Trust.

New appointments include Dara Ó Briain, Professor Gavin Henderson CBE, Peter Roberts, Simon Ruddick, Ann Skippers and Anna Stapleton. Trustees reappointed for a second term include Nicholas Allott OBE, Ruth Eastwood, Oliver Goodwin, Jerrold Katzman, and Judith Mellor OBE.

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Ten days to go until Conference 14 Community Theatres

17th April 2014

As new ‘Community Rights’ give people more of a say on running their local communities, discover how your theatre can benefit.

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Theatres Trust seeks full time Planning Adviser

15th April 2014

A full-time Planning Adviser is required to manage the Trust’s Planning Service, contribute to the provision of advice, and build excellent external relationships to promote and enhance the reputation of The Theatres Trust in the Planning system.

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Trustees reappointed to The Theatres Trust

3rd April 2014

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has agreed to reappoint 5 Trustees for a second term as members of The Theatres Trust.

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Theatres Trust responds to Westminster City Council Apollo theatre statement

24th March 2014

The Theatres Trust has issued a response to Westminster City Council’s statement today in relation to the cause of the ceiling collapse at the Apollo theatre on 19 December 2013

Mhora Samuel, Director of The Theatres Trust, the national advisory body for theatres said “Theatres are constructed in very, many, different ways and use different materials and methods to fix plasterwork ceilings to their roof trusses. The important question is whether plaster-coated hessian wadding is the only material being used to hold up a ceiling as many have also been strengthened with the use of steel ties.

“If a building is one of 300 Victorian and Edwardian theatres in the UK or 40 in the West End, it is very likely to have these strengthened ties and its ceiling will be secure. Clearly though owners need to understand the state of the building materials being used to hold up their plasterwork ceilings. The Theatres Trust would like to see regular surveys and inspections from above the ceiling being undertaken by both plaster experts and by structural engineers. These could include new surveying methods that could provide better understanding of the state of the materials and physical access.

“The public should be assured that theatres are regularly maintained and inspected. All theatre owners and operators are very aware of their responsibility to look after the safety of the public. Like all building materials though, hessian has a finite life and just because a theatre is historic doesn’t mean that only hessian can be used to support its ceiling. If the public is to continue to appreciate the treasured fibrous plaster ceilings of our historic theatres we need to consider introducing more structurally sustainable solutions.”

Momentum builds for Community Theatres

18th March 2014

With the programme for this year’s Theatres Trust Conference 14: Community Theatres in place, and a strong line up of contributors confirmed, including Stephen Williams MP, Peter Stark OBE, Chairman of Voluntary Arts Network, and Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chairman of Arts Council England, momentum is building as delegates take advantage of the generous Early Bird delegate rates.

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Cultural planning guidance provided in new Government online Planning Practice Guidance

7th March 2014

The Culture in Planning Alliance (CiPA) is delighted that the new online Planning Practice Guidance published on 06 March 2014 and introduced by Nick Boles MP in his written ministerial statement includes new references to guide the development of culture in local plans and plan-making.

CiPA is very pleased that many of its recommendations during consultation on the beta version have been included.

CiPA includes The Theatres Trust, ixia public art think tank, the National Federation of Artists Studio Providers (NFASP), Arts Development UK, the Society of London Theatre (SOLT), UK Theatre, Voluntary Arts, the Visual Arts and Galleries Association (VAGA), the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) and the Little Theatre Guild.

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Press Release: Bookings open Conference 14 Community Theatres

20th February 2014

The Theatres Trust’s 8th annual conference, ‘Community Theatres’ opens for bookings today. This important annual theatre industry event takes place on Monday 28 April 2014 at the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds. Conference 14 looks at what makes a community theatre. As new ‘Community Rights’ give people more of a say on running their local communities, this year’s conference considers the role local groups increasingly play as providers of theatres and spaces for theatre.

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New Localism Alliance launches to help protect local assets

20th February 2014

A new alliance of national organisations aimed at raising awareness of community rights has been launched today. Civic Voice, CAMRA, National Association of Local Councils (NALC), The Theatres Trust and Supporters Direct have announced an initial programme of events to promote greater uptake of rights established under the Localism Act 2011.

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Press release: Fourth round of small grants announced by The Theatres Trust

29th January 2014

The Theatres Trust is pleased to announce its fourth round of small capital grants to theatres across the nation. Awards are made to five community theatres for projects that will make important capital improvements, including one of the rarest surviving music halls, Hoxton Hall, and the community-owned and volunteer-run Beccles Public Hall & Theatre.

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