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Datablog: Arts council funding get the full decisions list

30th March 2011

The Arts Council funding decisions are out – you can get the full list here. You can read live updates of the reaction from groups around the country.

What the Arts Council has announced are those groups that will be getting funding – they are not releasing those who lost funding from last year. You can see the list of those funding decisions from 2010 here.

The Guardian Datablog will be creating a cuts list later but for now what they have is an extensive list of every group getting Arts Council funding over the next few years. Check out their Arts council funding: Visualization Bubble Chart

The analysis shows that the largest source of revenue for the portfolio of regularly funded organisations was through earned income (from ticket sales, workshop fees, merchandising, sale of books and magazines etc), which represented 45% of total income. Arts Council subsidy made up around a third of total income (33%) while local authority and other public funding constituted 11 per cent and contributed income (sponsorship, trusts, donations and lottery revenue partnership funding) made up another 11%

If you want to see how it changes over time, here’s how it looks:

View the full data

Source: The Guardian Datablog – Simon Rogers

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