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Tunbridge Wells Trinity Theatre seeks to go greener – and save

11th November 2011

The Trinity Energy Savings project seeks to install insulation into the entire roof space of the theatre. The main auditorium is heated via gas burners mounted to the ceiling. However, this means that much of the heat is lost immediately.

This can even mean that in the peak of winter it can be quite difficult to keep the large room warm enough for all our patrons. The Energy Savings Trust has estimated the theatre would save approximately £5,000 a year and reduce its carbon emissions drastically if we were to install full insulation.

The project, however, has three issues. The first is the cabling for the curtains and lighting running through the roof space, resulting in a difficult installation. Secondly, the age of the building means care needs to be taken to avoid dampness developing, and thirdly, the sheer size of the roof makes it an expensive project.

Some money has been raised through the theatre finances and an application has gone in to the KCC Small Community Grants Fund, but we hope a Heart of the Community grant will help, too.

Source: Sevenoaks Chronicle Tunbridge Wells Trinity Theatre

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