Crowdfunder Virtual Bucket Shake

Theatres Trust has partnered with Crowdfunder again to help theatre raise money over the festive period.

Following on from the success of last year’s Save our Theatres fundraising campaign, Crowdfunder is once again supporting theatres to raise much needed funds in the run up to Christmas. Last year we raised an outstanding £1.55m for theatres all around the country and hope we can help theatres do similar this year.

There are plenty of tools to help you - including coaching webinars to help you create and promote your page. Crowdfunder and Theatres Trust will also be lending their support to promote the campaign too.

The benefits of Crowdfunder:

  • Free QR code - download and print on programmes, tickets, posters or even  actual collection buckets
  • Rewards and prize draws - incentivise supporters by giving away tickets, memberships or merchandise. 
  • Regular giving - encourage supporters to sign up to a monthly donation

To join the campaign, sign up for a Crowdfunder project page by following this link - it is important that you sign up here rather than on the Crowdfunder homepage to be part of the overall campaign.

The overall fundraising period starts on 1 December.