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Advice & Planning

We provide expert advice on planning and on operational and building development

We work with theatres and local authorities to ensure your theatre building is the best it can be.

We are an expert adviser in the planning system as a statutory consultee on theatre buildings, and can advise on architecture, design and heritage, theatre ownership and value. This includes information, advice and guidance, access to resources and events.


We provide advice on planning and work with local authorities as a statutory consultee on theatre-related planning applications. Our role includes advocating for relevant changes in the planning system and playing a role in local plan making.


We provide advice to theatre managers and owners, to local authorities and to voluntary groups who are passionate about the theatre buildings within their communities.

The theatres that we advise range in size from large commercial venues to small fringe theatres. They include listed buildings, new theatres, temporary theatres, and those that have not yet been built.

We can provide advice about fundraising for, and the planning and delivery of, capital projects; about the design, maintenance and heritage of theatre buildings and different models of ownership and management; about relationships with local authorities and developers; and about the benefits that Community Rights legislation can have for your theatre.

This also includes promoting sustainability, responding to policy consultations, and publishing our theatre buildings at risk register.

We can also help you identify comparator projects and identify potential consultants or specialists.

We offer specific services:

Advisory Review: This is targeted at theatres developing capital projects. This is a peer review process, whereby we convene a panel of independent experts to address issues that you might encounter as you develop your project.

Annual Conference: We run an Annual Conference which has become a major event within the theatre industry, attracting a wide range of delegates and authoritative and inspirational speakers.

Workshop Programme: Our popular Workshops provide practical and detailed advice on the capital development of theatre buildings and look at other key issues facing theatre buildings.

We are available for one-to-one advice, which can be in person or via letter or email, and we frequently visit theatres around the country.

Read our Information, Advice and Guidance Policy.

Our advisers are:
Tom Stickland Theatres Adviser
Claire Appleby Architecture Adviser
Ross Anthony Planning Adviser

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