Theatres, like all public buildings, have an impact on the environment and we must ensure that we as a sector rapidly reduce the impact of our business in order to respond to the climate emergency.

Theatres Trust has committed to five environmental principles to reshape our work and help to influence and improve the sector’s sustainability.

Making Theatre Sustainable initiative

Groups and individuals across theatre have been talking for some time about how to make theatre more sustainable and working on blueprints to promote change. Making Theatre Sustainable aims to bring that thinking together into one place, and develop it as straightforward, practical advice on the first steps everyone should be taking to make productions, theatre buildings and front-of-house operations sustainable.

This ‘Green Book’ of guidance for sustainable theatre will focus on first steps: what everyone can and should be doing to change their practice now, but it will also map out paths ahead, indicating what further steps might be needed to reach a sustainable future quickly.

The first part of the project is looking at productions – more work will be done on the other strands looking at theatre buildings and front-of-house operations will follow.

Thanks to the following for their support of this project:

ABTT, Aecom, Avison Young, Bristow Consulting, Buro Happold, Creu Cymru, English National Opera, Federation of Scottish Theatre, National Theatre, Paddy Dillon Architects, Royal Opera House, Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels