Advice notes

We’ve put together a series of advice notes that aim to answer some of the most frequent queries that we receive.

We will be adding to more advice notes to this section over the coming months. Please get in touch if you have any questions not answered here.


Theatre spaces: an introduction - looking at what constitutes a theatre under law as well as the key components that make up a theatre building. It also offers a guide to some of the different types of theatre buildings. Aimed at anyone considering designing a new theatre building or making changes to an existing building, in particular theatre owners / operators, community / volunteer groups, local authorities and developers.

Please note: this  does not replace the need to seek specialist advice, but sets out the issues to consider.


Protecting theatres through listing - looking at the process for protecting theatre buildings in the UK, through statutory listing, conservation areas and local listing. Aimed at community / volunteer groups, theatre operators / owners and local authorities.

Organisational advice

Forming a theatre campaign group - looking at how to build support for a campaign and put in place the right structures to suit the campaign’s aims. Aimed at community /volunteer groups who are working to save or revive a theatre in their area.