Rapid intervention for theatres in crisis

Theatres Trust is working to protect theatre buildings where the operator has gone into administration due to the coronavirus crisis.

The theatre sector has been devastated by the pandemic. Several theatre operators have gone into administration and sadly more are likely to follow - see the latest list of these theatres in crisis due to coronavirus.

When a theatre operator ceases trading, Theatres Trust works with all stakeholders to ensure that the building will be protected for future use as a performance space. 

We will make contact with all relevant stakeholders to make the case for and offer support around retaining the theatre for cultural use including:

  • Building owner / freeholder
  • Local authority
  • People campaigning to save their local theatre

If you are connected with a theatre where the operator has ceased trading or withdrawn from its contract, please get in touch with us at advice@theatrestrust.org.uk.

Details of the theatre operators to date that have gone into administration due to the coronavirus.