J&C Joel Setting the Stage Fund

Leading manufacturer of flame retardant fabrics, drapery and stage engineering solutions, J&C Joel, has chosen the Theatres Trust as its charity for the company’s 40th anniversary year. As part of this, we’ve launched a new award together, the J&C Joel Setting the Stage Fund.

This will see one worthy not-for-profit theatre receive up to £10,000 of in-kind support from J&C Joel. This can include products and services, including but not limited to: front of house drapery; masking and black out drapery; tracks and servicing of stage engineering equipment.

Theatres Trust will manage applications for the fund, providing our expertise to find a deserving winner. The deadline is 30 November. A shortlist will be announced at the end of January with the winner decided at the end of  February. Find out more about the Setting the Stage fund.

J&C Joel’s CEO, James Wheelwright said: “We are extremely proud to be able to work with the Theatres Trust to give something back to the industry which has been the key to our success. We hope the Setting the Stage Fund will make a real difference to a theatre in need whilst also benefitting the community it serves.”

During the 40th anniversary year, all J&C Joel customers are being encouraged to donate £1 every time they place an order, which will be matched by J&C Joel. These donations will help the Theatres Trust to continue to support hundreds of theatres around the UK each year.