J&C Joel Setting the Stage Fund

As part of the Theatres Trust being J&C Joel's Charity of the Year 2018/19, together we are offering an in-kind support fund

J&C Joel’s Setting the Stage Fund will provide up to £10,000 of in-kind support to one UK based not-for-profit theatre.

The support will be offered in the form of J&C Joel’s products and services which can include but isn’t limited to: front of house drapery; masking and black out drapery; tracks and servicing of stage engineering equipment.

This fund has now closed and we are pleased to announce that the Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York is the lucky recipient.

Theatrical drapery and stage engineering are at the heart of what we do at J&C Joel. We are extremely proud to be able to work with the Theatres Trust to give something back to the industry which has been the key to our success. We hope the Front of House Fund will make a real difference to a theatre in need whilst also benefitting the community it serves.

James Wheelwright , CEO, J&C Joel