Theatres Trust supports Technical Standards

Theatres Trust is pleased to support to the new edition of Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment, informally known as the ‘yellow book’.

The current edition was first published in 2015, but has been updated in 2018.

Published by the ABTT, the Technical Standards have been specifically recognised by the Health and Safety Executive since 2013, acknowledging that they have been developed by an entertainment industry Standing Committee to help make improvements in building, maintaining, managing and operating places of entertainment.

We are joining a group of organisations that support the publication in recognition that self-regulation is most effective for the theatre industry, rather than the imposition of inappropriate regulation borrowed from other disciplines.

The other supporting organisations are the ABTT; the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health; the District Surveyors Association and the Institute of Licensing.

Technical Standards can be bought online from the ABTT website.