Theatres Trust commits to environmental sustainability

We are making five commitments to reshape our  work and help influence and improve the sector’s sustainability.

Theatres are vital cultural and community spaces that enable communities across the UK to enjoy live performance, contributing to wellbeing, inclusion and placemaking.

Theatres, like all public buildings, have contributed to the climate and ecological emergency and the theatre sector must rapidly reduce the impact of its business on the environment.

For this reason the Theatres Trust is making five commitments to reshape its work and help to influence and improve the sector’s sustainability.

Theatres Trust’s Environmental Principles are:

  1. Considering the environmental impact in all planning responses and advice provided
  2. Supporting projects that are low impact and regenerative through its grants programmes
  3. Working with partners to include environmental best practice in industry regulations
  4. Disseminating case studies and knowledge to the industry from exemplar projects
  5. Minimising the impact of Theatres Trust’s own operations

Read about our Environmental Principles in more detail.

We’ve already started to implement these, including publishing an Advice notes and choosing environmental sustainability as the theme for the second year in a row for the Theatre Improvement Scheme in association with the Wolfson Foundation.

Photo by Markus Spiske