Operator takes ownership of Spilsby Theatre

Congratulations to Spilsby Sessions House Ltd on becoming the new owner of the Theatre at Risk it has been working to save.

We are pleased to hear the news that the transferring of ownership of Spilsby Theatre from The Dandelion Trust to Spilsby Sessions House Ltd has now been completed.

Transferring ownership of the building to Spilsby Sessions House is a crucial step on the theatre’s journey to revival as this will open up access to public funding including eligibility to apply to Historic England for grant funding for urgent repair works. Theatres Trust supported Spilsby Sessions House throughout the protracted sales process.

The next few years are critical for Spilsby Theatre as funding needs to be found to prevent further deterioration of the building. The change in ownership is a positive step towards this but we will continue to provide support and advice to Spilsby Sessions House.

Photo credit: Ian Grundy