Coronavirus Crisis

Theatres Trust provided advice and support for theatres and local authorities in relation to the issues arising from Covid-19.

It is a very challenging time for the volunteers, staff and boards of theatres; as well as the freelance creatives and supply chains who work with these organisations. Theatres will need to find new ways of working and to reinvent themselves to survive the current crisis and emerge stronger.

Thanks to the fantastic generosity of individual practitioners and organisations who have offered pro bono support through the Theatres Trust Skills Bank we will be able to offer a variety of specialist support and advice.

We ran a series of free webinars aimed at helping theatres deal with emerging challenges of change, reopening and survival. The webinars were recorded and are available to rewatch.

Theatres Trust advice service is entirely free of charge. We are especially interested to work with theatres who do not have other avenues of support available to them. We will respond to every enquiry but the level of time we can commit will be dependent on the level of need and demand to this callout. Following an initial conversation, we will discuss the level of support we are able to offer. This may involve direct support and/or an invitation to take part in a group seminar or workshop.

If you would like some specific advice or would like to arrange an initial conversation then please get in touch by email

This service is partly supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation and by the Theatres Trust Skills Bank volunteers.

Below you will find details of additional services and work we are doing in response to the crisis, as well as some key areas of advice.

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