Information, Advice & Guidance Policy

The Theatres Trust Act 1976 Clause 2c identifies that Theatres Trust has a duty, ‘to maintain or assist in the maintenance of any theatre’. This includes the provision of information, advice and guidance. The Trust’s Information, Advice and Guidance Policy guides its work in this area.

The policy

As a Public Body, Theatres Trust is subject to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. The Theatres Trust seeks to ensure that in the provision of information and in the delivery of its advisory work, the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency, mutual recognition and proportionality apply.

In the course of its work information is provided to the Trust by local planning authorities, theatres, professional firms providing services to theatre operators, public bodies, Corporate Supporters and the Friends of Theatres Trust, members of the public and others. Subject to the FOI Act and commercial interests, this information is available in the Trust’s printed and online publications and can be supplied by the Trust on request.

When providing information, advice or guidance as a result of a direct request for a referral, the Trust, without compromising commercial confidentiality, aims to familiarise the enquirer with comparable theatres/projects from its Theatres Database and other sources.

In line with current data protection legislation, the Trust provides contact information where there is a mutual business interest; for the theatre/projects, identifies the professional firms that worked on the project and, in the context of providing information responsibly, advises on the best contact at the theatre that could provide further information, whilst also signposting the enquirer to advice on the appointment of consultants and professional firms.

Theatres Trust holds information on theatres, design teams, contractors, legal and management consultants, and suppliers that engage in capital projects and theatre developments in the UK. It also holds published information on the development, implementation and outcome of theatre building, refurbishment and restoration projects.

Theatres Trust does not accept any responsibility or liability for information provided and advises that in the course of sourcing any professional services as a result of acting on information provided, the enquirer must satisfy themselves that:

  • the firm is capable of delivering the required services;
  • they are satisfied with the legal and financial circumstances of the individual or company;
  • any liabilities are covered and that procurement processes are being appropriately followed.

In the course of providing information, Theatres Trust seeks to ensure that where appropriate it declares its existing relationships with or any interests in, the theatres or professional firms concerned, for example as Trustees, Advisers, its own contractors, existing and former employees, Corporate Supporters, Friends or relatives.

The Trust welcomes feedback in order that it can improve the quality of information it provides.

Policy Information

This policy was last updated in June 2022.