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Theatres are one of the few buildings left in communities where people can come together.  We therefore want everyone to have access to great theatres wherever they live across the UK so they can engage in creative activity and attend live performance.

Our work offering advice, support and grants to the 1,100 theatres throughout the country ensures this can happen and by making a donation to Theatres Trust, you can help us keep these buildings open and vibrant for generations to come.

Your support will enable us to:

  • Continue to offer advice and support on planning and operational needs to theatres to ensure they are resilient, environmentally sustainable and inclusive and fit for the future.
  • Strengthen and develop our work with the theatres on our Theatres At Risk register before these extraordinary buildings and all they do for their communities are lost.
  • Respond to the demand of our oversubscribed grants programmes and increase this vital fund for UK theatres’ capital works and urgent repairs.
  • Build our research programme so we can respond to current trends within the theatre industry, and make our knowledge available and more valuable for public.

There are many ways you can help support our valuable work protecting theatres for future generations.

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