Theatres at Risk

Theatres at Risk Register is our way of highlighting and supporting the theatre buildings under threat and at greatest risk across the UK.

A working theatre plays an important role for its local community, both in terms of creating identity and also as an economic driver for creating employment and for the night-time economy.

We raise awareness of theatres at risk to ensure these incredible buildings are kept safe. We launch our register annually to bring their stories to a national audience. 

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What is a theatre at risk?

Theatres can be at risk for a variety of reasons. This includes threat of closure or demolition, loss of funding, lack of maintenance, or neighbouring development. Any number of these can have an adverse effect on the venue and its ability to operate.

The buildings may be currently in theatre use, in other uses, vacant or derelict. They can be theatres of any size and type, and may or may not be listed buildings.

How do we rate them?

Each theatre on the Theatres at Risk register is assigned a total score. We look at the immediacy and type of risk the theatre faces, the quality and significance of the building, whether this is theatrical or architectural, and its importance to its community. 

Read a full explanation of the assessment criteria.

While many of the theatres on the Register are listed buildings, some are not and it is not a requirement for inclusion.

They are listed below in order of their total score.

Play your part

We are calling for more collaborative creative partnerships between local authorities, theatre owners and operators and community groups to protect the theatres on the list, and there should also be more sustainable funding to prevent further theatres becoming ‘at risk’ in the future. 

You can play your part in the protection of theatres across the UK. Read about the different theatres, and show your support any way you can, whether it's spreading the word, joining their friends group, or donating to an appeal.

How local authorities can support Theatres at Risk.

Tips for Theatres at Risk campaign groups

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Note: Theatres Trust does not own or manage any of these theatres - if you are a photographer or media company who wants access to any of these buildings, you will need to contact the building's owner or operator.