Drapes donated to Theatres at Risk

We’d like to thank Corporate Supporter Triple E Ltd for the kind donation of drapes to the Groundlings Theatre and Spilsby Theatre.

Longstanding Theatres Trust supporter, Triple E Ltd got in touch with us when they uncovered some black wool serge and velour drapes during a warehouse sort out.

The drapes were left over from a project Triple E did some years ago, but they were keen to see them find a use and thought they might benefit our Theatres at Risk.

We are delighted to say that the drapes have now found good homes with one pair going to the Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth and the rest going to Spilsby Theatre in Lincolnshire.

Thanks to David Edelstein of Triple E for getting in touch and making this happen. Not only are the drapes hugely appreciated by the theatres, it is also great to see materials being reused.

If any other organisations have items that would otherwise go to waste, please get in touch with us and we can help find them a new life in another theatre.