Update on Energy and Trade Intensive Industries (ETII) scheme

We have received further clarification from the government about the eligibility criteria for the Energy and Trade Intensive Industries scheme (ETII), as part of the Energy Bills Discount Scheme.

We contacted the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for further guidance when we became aware of the theatre organisation that was declined. This is the response we received:

As you are aware, an organisation is an eligible ETII if a minimum of 50% of its total revenue is generated from activity within the UK in one or more of the eligible SIC code sectors.

As set out on gov.uk, activity within the 91030 SIC code (the operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions) is considered eligible activity for this scheme. However, activity within the 90040 SIC code (operation of arts facilities) is not eligible.

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero colleagues have confirmed that though a theatre might be operating within a historic building, the sale of tickets to an arts performance would not be considered as eligible activity as part of an ETII application. This is because an arts performance is an activity from a SIC code that is not eligible for this scheme (90040 SIC code) and is also not focused on supporting the delivery of 91030 SIC code activity.

However, any revenue that is received through donations focused on the upkeep of the building (maintaining or preserving the building as a historical site) or through providing building tours to visitors as a historic site, could count towards eligible revenue. This is because this revenue is generated from activity set out within the 91030 SIC code."