Spring Budget 2024

Theatres Trust welcomes the Chancellor’s announcement that the Theatre Tax Relief will be made permanent.

Theatres, along with orchestras, museums and galleries have benefitted from 45%/50% rates of tax relief since November 2021. The government will now make the relief rate of 40% permanent for non-touring theatre productions, while touring theatre productions will  now benefit from a permanent relief rate of 45%.

Theatres Trust welcomes the news that Theatre Tax Relief has been made permanent in the Spring Budget 2024. We know that this measure will have a widespread and significant impact on the theatre sector, which makes a valuable contribution to the national economy and to local communities.

This announcement was part of a wider creative industries package, which also included £26.4m for urgent repairs and maintenance to the National Theatre and £1.6m for the capital project at Theatr Clwyd.