Virtual Bucket Shake

This year Christmas will be different for all theatres, particularly as we face more uncertainty with stricter tiers and new guidelines.

You may be planning a scaled-back socially distanced pantomime or you may be sadly unable to open at all. Whatever your theatre’s situation, it is likely that you’ll be facing a loss of income from ticket sales, merchandise and bars, as well as missing out on the opportunity for a traditional bucket collection, which many theatres do after festive shows to raise valuable funds.

Theatres Trust wanted to create a way for theatres to easily raise a bit of extra money. So together with our partner Crowdfunder, we’d like to invite you to take part in a Virtual Bucket Collection this panto season.

To get involved simply sign up for the Crowdfunder campaign by following this link and creating a virtual bucket shake page for your theatre.

Once live, you can share your page with your audiences and supporters, via email, your website and social media. (Remember to use the hashtag #VirtualBucketShake).

Additionally, if your theatre is able to reopen in December then you can set up a simple QR code from your page URL, print it out and position them around your venue to avoid the exchange of physical cash.

If you sign up before Thursday 3 December, Crowdfunder will generously waiver all fees for theatres to help them through these difficult times.

The Virtual Bucket Collection follows the success of the #SaveOurTheatres campaign, which has so far raised £1.4m from over 19,000 supporters.

If you’ve already ran a #SaveOurTheatres campaign you can either start a new simpler campaign as above or you can contact Crowdfunder to have your previous campaign reopened with a new target.