Share your memories of your local theatre on Theatres at Risk list

To support our on-going Theatres at Risk campaign, we’d like to gather memories about the theatres that are on our current list from people in the local communities where these are located.

We are looking for stories about the acts people (or their parents/grandparents) saw in the theatre or tales of treading the boards there. Or any happy memories about the theatre’s place in the community during its glory days. We’d also love to see any photos of the current Theatres at Risk buildings.

We already know why each building is significant and believe they can have futures as live performance spaces, but we’d like to add some real local colour to each case.

The stories and photos we receive will be used as part of the Theatres at Risk register 2019 launch in late January and throughout the year to raise awareness of these remarkable buildings and why they are worth saving.

View our current Theatres at Risk list

If you have any stories or photos please get in touch with Justine Harvey, Marketing and Communications Manager>