Tottenham Palace Theatre

Now the only complete example in London of a theatre by the architects Wylson and Long and one of the few surviving big suburban variety palaces.

Extrior of Tottenham Palace Theatre taken from across the road.
421-27 Tottenham High Road North, London, Haringey, N17 6QN, England
Risk Rating
7 (Community Value: 2 Star Rating: 2, Risk Factor: 3)
Power Praise Deliverance Ministeries
Power Praise Deliverance Ministeries
Wylson & Long
Date of Construction
Grade II
c. 1,500


Built as a large variety theatre and one of only about 20 built complete with kinematograph equipment, Tottenham Palace Theatre had become a full-time cinema by 1926. The building converted to bingo in 1969, which had helped preserve it and, with the exception of the introduction of a stepped level floor in the stalls, was achieved with no significant architectural loss. The building was converted to a church in 1997.

It is now the only complete example in London, and one of only a few in the country, of a theatre by Wylson & Long, who reconstructed the Blackpool Winter Gardens Pavilion (also on the Theatres at Risk Register). The architects were particularly known for their entertainment buildings, with their theatres and music halls in a manner close to Frank Matcham.

Why is this theatre at risk?

Tottenham Palace Theatre has been on the Theatres at Risk Register since 2019. 

The theatre is currently in use for worship, but it is suffering from water ingress that is causing significant water damage to both the structure and the interior plasterwork. The building appeared on the register in 2006 but was removed in 2010 after the owners began the process of refurbishment and repairs. Repair to the roof and internal drains, which had contributed towards water damage to the interior plasterwork, has started to be addressed with ongoing repairs carried out between 2015 and 2019. The current owner continues to conduct repair work, however, there is still a considerable amount to be done.

Theatre potential

While currently in church use, the building could be easily returned to a theatre. In the meantime, there is the potential for some performance / community facility to sit alongside the current usage.

Current situation

As part of the Tottenham High Streets Heritage Action Zone programme, a conditions survey was commissioned by Haringey Council with a draft report produced in June 2021. A number of urgent repair works were identified, and the report also recommended clearing the high levels of pigeon guano and commissioning an asbestos management survey as a matter of urgency. These works as well as structural survey reports were completed; and officers from Environmental Health and Building Control teams have visited the property and met with the owner.  The council has continued to provide advice to the church group to ensure the safe usage of the building.

Theatres Trust continues to monitor the situation and will work with the council, Historic England and church group to try and secure the necessary repair works. Until the fabric is deemed secure, Theatres Trust considers it prudent for the theatre to remain on the Theatres at Risk Register. 

Main photo by Ian Grundy