Resilient Theatres: Resilient Communities webinar resources

Presentations and resources from our series of webinars as part of the Resilient Theatres: Resilient Communities programme.

Fundraising for Theatre Capital Projects

Funders share insights into their priorities, types of project costs and application processes, with a focus on working with capital projects.

Watch a recording of the Fundraising for Theatre Capital Projects webinar:

Fundraising for Theatre Capital Projects presentation slides.

Advice note

The following advice note provides more detailed information about fundraising:

Fundraising for a capital project

Understanding Heritage Projects

This webinar covers working with a historic theatre building by looking at planning issues, heritage statements and how to tell broader heritage stories.

Watch a recording of the Understanding Heritage Projects webinar:

Watch the Understanding Heritage Projects webinar recording

Understanding Heritage Projects presentation slides

Advice notes

The following advice notes provide more detailed information about planning applications and policy:

How to support your theatres through the planning system

Using Agent of Change to protect theatres

Using obligations to protect theatres

External resources

Historic England Statements of Heritage Significance

Historic England Making Changes to Heritage Assets

Conservation Planning Guidance

Heritage Fund Interpretation Guidance

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Interpretation Charter