Planning Responses

We are a statutory consultee in the planning system. Keep up-to-date with our planning responses.

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  • New dry riser inlet for Leeds Grand

    The Trust raised no objection to the insertion of a dry riser at Leeds Grand which is required because of a staircase becoming a fire core as part of works at the theatre.

  • Revised seating for Bristol Old Vic

    The Trust supported the rearrangement of Dress Circle seating which will provide additional and improved wheelchair places. The theatre received an Accessible Theatres Scheme grant from the Trust to carry out this work.

  • Replacement scene dock for Edinburgh Playhouse

    The Trust supported a new scene dock for the Playhouse, replacing an 'interim' scaffold structure which had been in place a number of years and had reached the end of its life.

  • Revisions to Westbourne Grand gym proposal

    After objecting to two previous sets of applications due to alterations which would harm the building's special character, the Trust was able to support these latest plans following amendments which addressed our previous concerns.

  • New cafe for Great Yarmouth's Hippodrome Circus

    The Trust supported a proposal to convert storage space into a new all-day cafe for the Hippodrome. The venue is of great significance, being one of two remaining purpose-built circuses and one of three in the world which converts to a pool.

  • Amended plans for development adjacent to Lighthouse Poole

    The Trust supports revisions to plans for a mixed use development adjacent to the theatre. There are now no homes which directly overlook the Lighthouse’s servicing bay and there is much greater separation between residential units and the Lighthouse.

  • Bury Met to install disabled lift in auditorium

    The Trust is supportive of this application, which would improve disabled accessibility within the main auditorium through the installation of a lift to the raised platform.

  • Live performance use proposed for Chichester Feather & Black

    Theatres Trust does not object in principle to the location of the site for live shows and music covering all aspects of performance and celebrity acts, but greater consideration needs to be given to how the building will function.

  • Demolition proposal for former Theatre Royal in Deal

    Although the Trust did not object to the demolition of the former Royal, which was also a cinema and then split into a snooker hall and amusement arcade, we urged options for retention to be explored and evidence its social function is no longer required.

  • Fresh proposal for Bournemouth's former Odeon/Regent Theatre

    Following two previous refused applications for demolition and replacement high-density housing scheme, the Trust again objected to a new partial façade-retaining proposal on the basis of continued lack of evidence cultural use is no longer required.

  • 'Men's Shed' to be constucted to rear of Groundlings Theatre

    The Trust supported a proposal for a 'Men's Shed' to be placed to the rear of Groundlings in Portsmouth. 'Men's Sheds' are a scheme which provides social spaces for mostly men to help reduce isolation through developing skills and meeting new people.

  • Significant new theatre and music venue planned for London Olympia

    The Trust supported and welcomed the proposed theatre and music/performance venue planned as part of a wider redevelopment of London Olympia. they will draw people to the site from a wide area and further improve London’s cultural offer.