Conference 22 Sustainability Statement

Theatres Trust acknowledges that any event will have an environmental impact but there are significant benefits in coming together for an in-person event that cannot be replicated with an online event.

In line with our Environmental Principles, we have endeavoured to make Conference 22 as environmentally responsible as possible within the limitations of hosting a conference. 

Conference Production

  • The Conference 22 programme, signage and schedules will be shared in digital format to limit single use printing.
  • Delegates will receive a digital delegate bag, rather than a physical bag of leaflets / flyers
  • As much as possible, all Conference 22 contracts and planning documents have been digitised to reduce wastepaper.
  • We aim to use as little single-use materials as possible – for example any signage or pull-up banners will be generic for multiple uses or digital.
  • Delegate lanyards are essential for networking and ensuring all attendees have checked in, but they will be collected and reused at the end of the event. (The name badges will also be recycled).



  • The venue for Conference 22, The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith is fully committed to reducing its impact on the environment and is the first theatre to have received 5 stars from Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green Certification.
  • The venue sources their electricity from an ethical and 100% renewable supply via Ecotricity.
  • The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith operates a zero waste to landfill policy – all bins can be used for all rubbish and they are taken away and separated into recycling and general waste by a company called First Mile.



  • We will work with the venue to ensure all food and drink is locally sourced as much as possible, including any alcohol.
  • In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we will provide a fully vegetarian menu throughout the day. Vegan options and other dietary requirements will also be catered for, upon request.
  • Guest numbers for catering will be calculated as accurately as possible to eliminate surplus food.
  • All drinks served or purchased will be in a reusable plastic or glass cup.
  • All attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own reusable cup and / or water bottle to the event, as free refill stations will be available throughout the day.
  • We will work to eliminate single use plastics used in the catering of the event, for example, any disposable cutlery will be wooden.



  • All speakers and attendees are strongly encouraged to use public transport to attend the venue.
  • Any speakers who would need to fly to attend will join the event remotely
  • In exceptional circumstances, if a speaker is required to fly, we will pay to offset the carbon for flights of speakers who travel by plane.
  • For attendees who may wish to cycle, there are bicycle racks on Lyric Square in front of the theatre entrance. There are also Transport for London Cycle Hire docking points on Bridge Avenue, Southerton Road and Hammersmith Road, all a short walk from the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.

Further details of Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith’s Environmental Policy can be found on its website.